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What We Do

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Youth employment and.
Women's social and economic empowerment.


Sexual and reproductive health and HIV and AIDS prevention and control.

Impact Migration

try to impact or to make influence on people ,who went to migrate in different countries illegally and to create awareness

Target Group

  • Vulnerable women and Men
  • Young girls
  • Youth and children
  • Returnees, Migrants, Minors, and potential migrants
  • Stakeholders, including the local government,
  • private-sector employers, and
  • Vocational skill training institutes
  • volunteer professionals
  • Community based organizations (CBOs) and the community at large

Crosscutting Issues
  • Environment: - Responsible and responsive approach to
the care of the environment and proper management of
the ecosystem in all our works

  • Gender: - Equality and non-discrimination based on gender
are fundamental for LIVE-ADDIS.