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“Social and Economic Empowerment of Marginalized and Unemployed women”

funded by Cafod Sciaf Trocare (CST) with the general objective of contributing to the empowerment of marginalized and unemployed women both socially and economically to exercise greater control over their lives through facilitating access to comprehensive vocational, life skills, and business development/entrepreneurship training.
Women Empowerment

“Enhancing Community and Government Capacity for Effective, Efficient and Responsive Basic Service Delivery”

Multi-Donor Trust Fund for the Ethiopia Protection of Basic Services Project Social Accountability Program (PBS-ESAP III) with the general objective of contributing to the national endeavor of poverty eradication in Ethiopia through basic service delivery. (2019-2023).
Enhance community


“Enhancing social cohesion: opportunities, protection and employment for returnees, minors and potential migrants (HOPE)”


funded by Italian Agency for Development Cooperation ( AICS) through and CISP with the General Objective of creating knowledge and promote awareness on issues of illegal migration and access to social services through Socio Economic empowerment and sustainable reintegration for Migrants, transit migrants, returnees and potential migrants with especial focus on youth. Women and Children in selected sub-cities and Woredas of Ababa through the provision of social, economic, psycho-social and legal support
social cohesion opprtunites

EYE – “Enhancing Youth Empowerment via Digital Technology Based Accountability System “

project funded by Civil Society Support Program 2 through Progress Integrated Development Organization (PICDO) with the general objective of contributing to the strengthening of youth and their functional structures empowerment for the advancement of good governance inline with Ethiopia’s Government Policies and Strategies using youth-friendly digital platform. (2019-2021).

youth empowerement


Relying principles emanated from its strategic design and program implementation. Its principles include:
All human beings have the right to access opportunities and contribute for the development of their own livelihood,
All people have strengths and assets.
It is possible to make a positive difference in the lives of vulnerable groups. People thrive/succeed when they make their own choices and they are capable of doing so.
People deserve better opportunities to participate in their community for equal access to services.
It is impossible to bring meaningful changes to the nation without ensuring the full participation of the community. Engagement and participation enrich their lives and make positive contributions.
Designed support and services are only for the target group
LIVE-ADDIS recognizes the role of CBOs, state and non-state actors in the support to vulnerable groups. Well-trained and motivated staff and volunteers make a difference in the lives of the target groups.