LIVE-ADDIS has celebrated the International women’s day (March 8) on March 4 and 9 /2021 at Kirkos Sub-city Woreda 02 and Woreda 11 youth center and Shimeles Habtie School stadium respectively in collaboration with the Woreda’s Women and Children and Labour & Social Affairs offices under the project entitled “Enhancing social cohesion, Opportunity, Protection and Employment for returnees, minors and potential migrants” fully funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation “AICS” through Comitato Internzionale per lo Sviluppo dei Popoli “CISP”,

The celebration was aimed to create awareness on irregular migration and its impacts for the general community and representatives invited from, various different sectors of government offices at woreda and sub-city level, representatives of community members, elders, HOPE project beneficiaries, and civil society organization working in the area.

This year’s celebration was for the 110 internationally and 45th round nationally with a motto saying “let’s build a community that respects women’s right”/“የሴቶችን መብት የሚያከብር ማበረሰብ እንገንባ “ With this in mind the project also prepared a slogan that corresponds with the celebration as well as the projects objective to create awareness about unsafe migration, depicted as “Let’s ensure the Social and Economic benefits of Women and protect them from unsafe/irregular Migration” “ሴቶችን ደህንነቱ ካልተጠበቀ ስደት በመታደግ ማበራዊና ኢኮኖሚያዊ ተጠቃሚነታቸውን አናረጋግጥ”

HOPE Project Officer