LIVE-ADDIS conducted a four consecutive day problem identification workshop with youths from February 23 to 26/ 2021 at youth centers of Yeka sub-city woreda 5 and 11, Kirkos sub-city woreda 2 and Bole sub-city woreda 10.

Enhancing Youth Empowerment via Digital Technology based Social Accountability (EYE) Project has conducted problem identification workshops in collaboration with youth centers, led by 15 youth reporters selected from different youth groups. The workshop focused on problem identification of youths using social accountability tool mainly community score card.

The workshop was held at the four project implementation sites which are; yeka sub-city woreda 05 & 11, Bole sub-city woreda 10 and Kirkos sub-city woreda 02 with a total of 100 participants (63 male & 37 female and out of these 29 participants are youth with disabilities). It was facilitated considering COVID-19 protocols (wearing face mask, using sanitizer and safe distance). In the workshop members of the youth reporter groups covered issues on concepts and practices of social accountability techniques, interpretation’s, and community score cards and analysis. LIVE-ADDIS’s community facilitators were discussed thoroughly about Enhancing Youth Empowerment via Digital Technology based Social Accountability System (EYE) project, its aims and objectives.

Finally, all the participants promised to work together with LIVE–ADDIS, their respective woreda administration and sector offices to solve the problem raised in the workshop and to achieve the objectives of social accountability and specifically the project out comes.